Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Things First

It's been a while since I posted.  I've been beating myself up over the last few posts.  I was in a bad place.  I knew it, I hated it.  Besides what I shared, my personal life was having a lot of changes.  Without too much detail, I quit my job in May.  Promises that had been made for many years impacting our family future were broken.  The outcome was ugly, I wanted no part in it, so I quit. I was lost & had to find a new direction. In September, my husband was driven to the point that he too had to get out.  Now we are on our own, professionally, and although terrifying, we have had faith and have been extremely blessed.   I also had personal relationships that were changing. Through transition, you learn who is real and who isn't.  Finally, the prodigal child decided our ways weren't catering enough, so he went to live with his father, only to return a few months later when the grass wasn't greener over there.  Things are better now.  Things are changing.  I'm happy again.  I feel different, new, but at the same time back to my old self.  So back to my lack of posting... I knew I had to address the funk, say that I am okay, before I moved on.  I honestly have barely been able to sit at my desk the past few months long enough to balance our personal accounts, much less posting.  So here we go...

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