Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Camp

Summer is here!  School has been out a week and a half, and camps are starting.  

Tomorrow is also 4 years NED for me!

4 years ago, while my then 13 year old son was getting blistered at a youth retreat, I was having a wide excision on my bicep.  How far we have come since then.  He came home with a blister on his shoulder that covered the whole thing, and had scabbed over already because a girl had scratched him.  It was nasty and he was not comfortable at all.   Since then, he has resisted my message because "You know how many people get skin cancer, and are okay?"  I keep sharing, and last summer he was proud of how little tan he had.  He is olive skinned with dark hair, so the burn I mentioned was one of very few in his lifetime.

Yesterday my daughter returned from her first camp.  She was gone for two days and had an amazing time.  I had heard horror stories of kids coming back from this camp blistered each year.  So when I signed her up, I had a talk with the leader.  I told her "You know my history, and you see how fair she is, sunscreen is not an option to be avoided"  She agreed, assured me that there were plenty of counselors that would help, and that they were aware of how many more fair skinned kids they had this year.

So drop off comes along, and I was talking about how I had packed her bag in a way that she shouldn't be able to lose anything.  Another mom, the one who was there with me just last year when I got the call that I was going to have a wide excision on my scalp, says to me "Yeah, she will lose stuff, come home sunburned and exhausted"   Nope, I had talked to the appropriate people, drilled my already sunscreen aware daughter about how to make sure she has it, packed enough for her entire cabin...  Yet I couldn't get that statement out of my mind the whole time she was gone.

So as I am watching the kids get off the bus yesterday, I don't see any red faces, other than on the counselors.  Finally mine comes off.  She was slightly pink cheeked, but that was it.  After we got in the car, she told me, without me asking, that she had told them to put sunscreen on her every morning and that they listened, but in the afternoon when she asked for more, they had told her to wait.  She said she wore her rash guard with her swimsuit, and I have seen pictures of a couple of other kids that had them too, and she was glad that even though her face got too much sun, she didn't burn.

While I am not thrilled that they did not reapply, I am glad that she spoke up and asked for it, and that she used the rash guard.  Other than one evening thunderstorm the first night, it was very sunny this week, so to come home with pinkish cheeks that have already faded was huge in my mind.

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