Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello Again

Hello Stranger, It’s been a while.  I can’t really pinpoint why it has been so long. 

There have been many times over the past year that I have wanted to blog.  I am working almost 50 hrs a week, have a side business, my kids are now 7 & 17...  There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.

I think I also put a lot of pressure on myself as far as the page and blog were concerned.  I started it with the purpose of sharing my story and experiences, but then I somehow pressured myself to find an additional direction that may not have been necessary.

Finally, I was very confused about a lot with my diagnosis.  Last May, when I was having a wide excision on my scalp for a dysplastic nevi that they could not rule out was in situ from the biopsy (it was ruled out with the WE), the doctor made a comment about my original melanoma being stage 1.  WHAT??  I had no idea and had never heard anything other than in situ.  So I talked to my dermatologist, I looked at my pathology.  I still wasn’t clear.  Basically, the best way I can comprehend it was that my original diagnosis was in situ, but they “couldn’t rule out tumorous spread”.  Well, when I got my results after that wide excision, the surgeon only told me that I had clear margins.   I always wondered why my in situ follow up program more resembled that of someone who was stage 1.  It’s very confusing to me.  I think I had to take some time away from sharing, although I do still on my personal facebook page, and in real life, to absorb that change. 

I’m thankful that my follow up has been more proactive in the past few years.  My last appointment was the first after graduating from the 3 month to the 6 month screening schedule.  I am still donating 2-3 moles at each check.  The last one, I had a heart shaped mole on my finger.  I have traded it for a cross looking scar.  I also had one on my leg that was removed.  It was dysplastic, but with clear margins.  I have been told to watch it for brown spots as it heals.  I go back in July or August for my next check.

So that is a quick update on where I have been and what’s been going on.  I have been feeling inspired to blog about experiences again, but felt an update was needed before diving back in.  

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