Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still around..

One of the things about being a stay at home mom is the dreaded "so what do you do all day?" question.  You know you spend your whole day doing stuff, whether it be taking care of the kids, providing shuttle service, grocery shopping, cleaning house, accounting, etc., etc., but when that question comes along... crickets.  I wont get into the whole debate of home/working moms.  I just am using that to say that is how my past couple of months have been, absolutely crazy building my AdvoCare business, going to the gym, Bible Study, keeping house, fighting off ovarian cysts, Robotics Club mom, ballet mom, sick little one who is most likely going to become tonsil free in the next month.  You know, just the same ol' same ol'.  Don't understand why I need to catch my breath after just typing that.

So the gym and the AdvoCare are paying off.  Personally I am wearing loose jeans that I haven't even been able to wear in 6 years.  Today I am trying on my jeans I wanted to be wearing by summer. If that is successful, I will be down 4 sizes since Christmas.

I went to my 21 month check and passed with flying colors.  I was concerned about 3 spots, one was nothing, one we are continuing to watch, and another was a seborrheic keratosis, which they froze off.   I go back in 3 months and that will be 2 years!

I have had 2 neighbors ask me about suspicious spots that they have.  I always get nervous with that, but I feel confident in telling them that too, that regardless of what I say, they should get checked out.  Since then, both have asked me about free screenings.  Kaiser Permanente usually does them in May, even for non-members, but those dates haven't been released yet.  I did find out that the Skin Cancer Foundation tour will be here in April.  So I posted the dates and locations on facebook, then I added it to our neighborhood yahoo group wall.  They sent the post out by email to the entire neighborhood.  It isn't big, but I'm glad I do get to share it.

Here in Atlanta, we are in our second week of 80 degree temps.  It is beautiful outside. Of course, we have record setting pollen counts too, I think today is 9369!  Luckily all that bothers me is grass and ragweed, and the grass numbers are nothing compared to the trees, so I have been able to get outside some.  Although covered with yellow dust in the process. I vowed not to hide from the sun this summer like I have done the past two.  I am going to enjoy the outdoors.  I was talking to someone after church on Sunday, I told her I wasn't going to be a hermit this year, that my sun-safe message is lost if I am stuck inside.  I have been pricing pop-up canopies, they aren't bad, but definitely more than I thought they would be.  I will find one though.  I also talked my husband into letting me have another year of the pool membership.  Promised him that we would use it this year.  In return, I have to play tennis with him.  The courts are shaded by trees, so an easy agreement.

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