Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toxic Release?

I just received an online invitation to one of those weight loss body wrap parties.  This is so odd to me. (a party? at least 5 people?)  I somewhat understand the concept.  You wrap your body up like a mummy in cloth dipped in some kind of minerals.  You move around to sweat some, and an hour later you remove the wrap along with the toxins in your system.  As a result you have lost inches.  Sounds like a quick fix to me, I really wonder how long it would last, because getting fit is more of a lifestyle change than it is the quick fix.  I hope the quick results do motivate some to change their habits to maintain it.

So what caught my eye...  Someone asked how long it lasts.  Here's part of that answer "If you drink a lot of diet soda, smoke or do a lot of tanning, you will have more toxins in your body.  The wrap will still work, but it may take more applications due to the toxins in  your body"  It goes on to talk about results varying, lifestyle, etc..

I was glad to see that it mentioned tanning.  In the melanoma and skin cancer community we all know all about the damage that tanning causes our skin. I know the answer says that it is due to more toxins, but I have heard of a tan being related to a scab as your body heals itself.  I wonder if the toughened, damaged skin also makes it more difficult for the skin to release the extra toxins gained by tanning.  Could be quite the cycle there..

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