Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seeking Balance in 2012

I haven't had time to get on the computer at all in the past week.  My kids went back to school today, my husband goes back to work Thursday.  He is helping out a friend today, so I decided to catch up on my reading.  I have checked facebook from my phone, so if there is a link to a blog, I have read it, but couldn't access my actual "reading list" from there.

First, I hope everyone had a very happy and safe new year.  My son came back from almost 2 weeks with my parents, then his fathers, then his other grandparents on NYE.  My daughter tried so hard to stay up and was so excited to say Happy New Year, but dancing to the musical acts on the countdown show wore her out and she sat down to rest and was instantly asleep at about 11:40.

It is always sad to hear of loses, and it seems to have been a season full of them this past month.  Several friends and family members of friends who are like our own family, and a couple in the melanoma community too.  I was reading a blog by someone who was looking forward to their new future with melanoma, and the uncertainty that comes with that diagnosis.  I was thinking as I read it, that no matter the outcome, melanoma will not defeat me.  I was thinking of how melanoma is called the beast, and that Satan is also called a beast.  Should melanoma, the beast, attack again, the beast will not win, because I will be rejoicing in heaven when my time comes.  I hope all those who were lost the past few weeks knew this reality, whether it was melanoma, heart disease, or age that took them from us.

Several blogs that I read seem to be struggling/accomplishing about the same thing I mentioned a couple of posts ago, about finding that balance.  We all want to be able to live our lives.  We know we cannot do it the same as we did before.  We now know about safety, dangers and consequences.  We all feel that fear of it coming back, or spreading, and want to do nothing to hasten that.  We all want that balance of being able to enjoy life, without fear, but still aware.  I hope and pray that we all find it.  We have been given a second chance. We have to use it. We have to live, learn, educate.  We cant encourage others to live a sun safe lifestyle, if we are unhappy and scared in the process.  We cant tell others to seek the shade, when we are acting like we are holding up the wall at a school dance.  Who wants to do that?  We need to show that we can have just as good of a time, and not feel left out in the shade.  I believe it is more possible than we are allowing it to be.  I sure hope so, anyway.

Well, enough rambling.  I wish everyone the best of everything in 2012.

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