Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Overdue Update

I was just opening two more letters from my insurance/doctors when I realized that I did not update about following up with them after my mammogram and ultrasound.  I seem to always be on the go lately.  You know the life of a stay at home mom, always on the go, but when someone asks what you have been up to "not much".  

I talked to my doctor on Thursday when she called to tell me that my results were fine.  I asked her if the lymph nodes are supposed to show up on the scans and explained that I was concerned since I have had melanoma already.  She basically said it isn't abnormal so she isn't concerned, but that if I am still feeling the pain to come see her again before Christmas.  I felt a lot better after talking to her, and each of these emails and letters I get (email and letter each from the doctor and radiologist, for both the mammogram and ultrasound), I feel less blown off.  

I haven't been assigned an appointment yet, but I go back in December for my 3 month skin check with my dermatologist, so I will be sure that she knows that this was going on, and if it is still bothering me, find out what her thoughts are too.

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