Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Possible

Every time an idea I have for getting started with speaking to mom's groups hits a road block and I get discouraged, something comes along that tells me not to give up.

Take this video that was just shared on Facebook.  While it is about getting the word out to high school students, it shows how receptive the younger audience can be.  They are saying that it makes them think twice.  If this can apply to stubborn, know it all teenagers, it can also apply to overwhelmed moms.  I hope.   

So I'm motivated again.  I need resources and a plan.  I am going to start with a local awareness group, and go from there.  For groups, I have friends that are involved in several different groups in the area.  Hopefully I can get them to brainstorm with me, for the best approach, and they will suggest me to the group this spring when I'm ready.

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