Saturday, October 1, 2011

I have a question..

In all my research online, I have not come across the answer to this. I'm thrilled to see that my number of readers is going up each week, so I am hoping that one of my readers knows the answer to this.

Traditional sunscreen is effective for no more than 2 hours, less if you are more active.

I use sunscreen with a SPF 30 before leaving the house each day.

My every day body lotion has a SPF 15.
My morning facial moisturizer has a SPF 35
Depending on which foundation I use that day, it either has no SPFSPF 15, or SPF 30.

If I were only to use the sunscreen in my body lotion, facial moisturizer and make up, as many people do, how long is that really effective for?  I always think it is good for added protection, but sometimes think it also gives a false sense of security for long term or all day protection.


  1. i am not an expert... but i would assume sunscreen is sunscreen, whether its in makeup or not. so i would guess it would be the same every 2 hrs... i think the spf is the important factor and i had come across a site that explained it really well... if i can find it again i will link it here

  2. Thank you, that is what I am assuming too. Sadly, I am afraid that many assume it is all day protection. I went to get my stitches out today, and, of course, forgot to ask while I was there.