Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Embracing My Own Glow?

It occurred to me last night that I had not shared the story of how my blog title came about.  I really have talked more about experience, not about our own natural glow, which is what the title implies.  I had been knocking around the idea of a blog, I talked to a couple of friends about it and they loved the idea.  Days passed, I had several posts written, but no title for the blog.  Everything I came up with involving Melanoma had already been used in some way.  I couldn't create a blog with no title.  After a few days, I decided I may be trying to hard, and I prayed about it.  I knew in my heart that God wanted me to get the word out about melanoma and skin cancer, so I knew that if a blog was what I should be doing, He would make sure the title came along.

A few days later, I shared a picture of my scar, 1 year after surgery, on my personal Facebook page.  I didn’t get too many comments, but one really did stand out.   She said that she had just gotten home from the dermatologist, that they had used nitrogen to freeze off some precancerous spots on her face, and that they had sent two spots on her abdomen off for biopsy.  Then she said she owns a tanning bed, and finished the comment saying “To ALL....Stay out of the tanning bed, and you have to get in the sun 30+ protection”   

You could tell she was very upset about this, and she shared her news and message on her own personal status as well.  As I read through her comments, it became very clear that she was done tanning, and was very interested in sunless tanners.  She even asked what I recommend.  

I had to type and delete my response several times, I didn't want to offend her or her friends, but finally answered by telling her what products I had used before to enhance what I “struggled to get from the sun”, but that since my diagnosis, I really had no interest in tanning or looking tan, that I had learned to embrace my own glow.  

Embracing my own glow!  It stuck in my head.  About an hour later I emailed two of the friends I had talked to before with the title, they both came back saying they liked it. It was available on both blogger and Facebook (I haven't done anything other than create the Facebook page yet).  It was clear that this was the title I had been looking for.

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  1. Sometimes this is really a lonely cancer. People just dont understand it at all. all your feelings are so normal and true!

    hang in there