Monday, December 12, 2011

One Less Spot..

I just got home from my 18 month skin check today.  I think this was the first one that I was not nervous about going in.  I was uneasy because I was not going to get to see the dermatologist I have seen all along.  I had to see another, who was male.  I did find out Friday night, though, that someone close to me had seen him, and really liked him.  I believe that helped.  When he came in, I was instantly at ease.  He was very thorough, and was the first that checked my scalp beyond the mole I have in front at my part.  He brought out his lighted magnifier tool a couple of times, and commented about how many freckles I have in comparison to how few moles I have.

Then he got to my original scar.  Out comes the tool for a closer look at that nice large spot that has appeared on top of it.  I laughed and said that one was the one that plays with my head because it is exactly where the melanoma was.  "I think I want to take it and send it for a biopsy then"  He said it wasn't abnormal for freckles to appear on top of a scar like that, but with the placement and size, it would be better to test it.  So I agreed.

He was very quick and I only felt the initial stick of the needle when he numbed it.  He removed it and then asked me to look before he bandaged it to show me that the appearance of my scar will only slightly be affected by it.  

He did say that since I have passed the 1 year mark, I could go to every 6 months for exams.  I had been told that I was supposed to do 3 months for 2 1/2 years, then 6 months until I reach the 5 year mark, so I am not sure of that.  There was a thing last visit where the nurse said that she thought it was 6 months, and Dr K corrected it to 3 months.  I'm not sure what I am going to do there..

First, I have to wait for these results.  He said that they would be in by the end of the week.

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  1. prayer and positive thoughts being sent your way that the spot was simply a nuisance and nothing more... i know the waiting is always nerve wracking...